Kailas Ayurveda Panchakarma Packges

Herbal oil massage done for the whole body. Relaxing and improving the conduction and circulation in the body. Relives minor body aches and discomforts.


Leaves and powders of medicinal herbs tied in cotton bags are heated in medicated oil. These bags are used to massage the body. Effective treatment for inflammatory conditions, spondylosis etc.


Gently heated medicated oil is applied all over the body accompanied by gentle massage. Useful in neurological disorders, arthritic conditions, insomnia anxiety etc.


Herbal powder body massage, useful in reducing the excess body fat. Effective treatment for obesity and cellulites etc.


Warm medicated oil is allowed to fall from a pot through a wick on to the fore head. Useful in promoting sleep, reduce mental stress etc.


Special type of rice is boiled with milk and herbs tied into boluses in cotton bags. These boluses are again heated in medicated milk and used to massage the body. Useful in nourishing the body, arthritic conditions etc. Rejuvenating the body and help tone up the skin.


Medicated oil or herbal juices are poured into nostrils drop by drop. Useful in chronic headache, sinusitis, shoulder pain etc.


Enema done with a mixture of medicated oil, herbal decoction, honey, herbal paste and rock salt. Useful in strengthening the central nervous system, various muscular and arthritic conditions, low back pain, constipation etc.


Medicated oil is allowed to stand over the lower back for 30 minutes. Useful in low back pain and vertebral disorders.


Luke warm medicated oil is made to stand on the head with special cap. Useful in facial palsy, Vata ailments etc.

Panchakarma therapy - 28 days

Treatment program to help restore and repair worn out tissues, improve blood circulation, stops premature aging. Includes massages and various herbal and oil treatments.

Slimming program - 28 days

Treatment to help loose excess body fat. Includes massages, herbal powder massage, steam bath and herbal medicines.

Stress management - 11 days

Treatment to reduce mental stress, strain, insomnia etc. Includes massages, oil treatment for the head and internal medicines.

Relaxation program - 7 days

Treatment for the total relaxation of the body and the mind. Body massages, head massages, oil treatments and internal medicines.

Spine and neck care - 11 days

Treatment to take care of the spine and neck problems like spondylosis and other stress related problems.

Body Purification therapy - 21 days

Treatment program to detoxify and strengthen the body based on Panchakarma and swedakarma therapies.

Sample Package
Day 1

Arrival at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. Transfer to Hotel. Introduction to the basic Principles of Ayurveda. Consultation and Diagnostic massage.
(Drive to Kovalam from the Airport takes about 20 minutes. Usually the international flights and their connection flights arrives Thiruvananthapuram in the morning. You can check in, takes some rest and come for the consultation in the afternoon)

Day 2

Massage + Kizhi + Steam bath

Day 3

Massage + Kizhi + Steam bath

Day 4

Massage + Kizhi + Steam bath

Day 5

Massage + Kizhi + Steam bath

Day 6

Massage + Kizhi + Steam bath

Day 7

Purification and Relaxing Massage, 2nd consultation
(The cleanse is affected in different ways depending on the Body constitution and imbalance of the body humors – the Vata, the Pitta and the Kapha)

Day 8

Massage + Pizhichil / Dhara + Face Treatment

Day 9

Massage + Pizhichil / Dhara + Face Treatment

Day 10

Massage + Pizhichil / Dhara + Face Treatment

Day 11

Massage + Pizhichil / Dhara + Face Treatment

Day 12

Massage + Pizhichil / Dhara + Face Treatment

Day 13

Depart to airport